Baltimore Snowballs Done Right

My parents are the best people in the world, and they also asked me to make them a website. I am so proud of their snowball trailer, they actually do make really delicious snowballs too!

Lou, Son of the Founder of Mary’s Nice Ice Baby

Mary’s Nice Ice Baby is dedicated to bringing the most flavorful and fluffy snowballs as possible to Baltimore. Flavor doesn’t just mean more syrup, because then you just have a cup of juice eventually. It starts with fresh ice, high quality syrups that provide more flavor and less mess, and love and compassion put into every cup.

We have lived in Baltimore our whole lives and understand what a true Baltimore snowball means, and how important it is to have the perfect treat on a hot summer day.

While we may be a small little trailer parked at your local playground today, we are going to continue to improve our little shop to ensure we continue to bring the best snowballs, with the best price, and the most convenient experience.

Want to know where we are today? Have a party or event coming up that you would like to rent out our services for the day?